Sri Lankan leader for fishermen talks The fishermen issue between India and Sri Lanka has a better chance of resolution if left to the fisherfolk on both sides, said R. Sampanthan, Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament, on Wednesday. He Read more… Read More

Source – காலைக்கதிர் 14.03.2017 ( pages 01, 11, 13)              page 01                                              page 11                              … Read More

The following decision was arrived at following a meeting of TNA Members of Parliament and Provincial Council Members held in Vavuniya today (11th March 2017): All Sri Lanka’s obligations in terms of UN Human Rights Council Resolution 30/1 of Read more… Read More

The TNA Parliamentary Group met yesterday (8th March 2017) and issued the following statement: The TNA MPs who sent the letter to the UNHRC objecting to further time being given to the Sri Lankan Government have indicated that the only reason they sent this letter was that the Sri Lankan Government has failed to complete… Read More

வடக்கில் இராணுவத்தினர் நிலைகொண்டுள்ள தனியாருக்கு சொந்தமான காணிகள் தொடர்பான இரண்டு விடயங்களைப்பற்றி Read more… Read More