We explained to our people the government’s indifference to the plight of our people and its lack of will in addressing our political issues. Although an All Party Representative Committee was set up, the TNA, which had 22 out of 23 Tamil Members of Parliament from the North and East, was not invited to attend the APRC. Even the recommendations made to the APRC by the majority of an expert panel appointed by the President were not acted upon. Meanwhile the government continued to aggressively implement its hidden agenda of changing the demographic composition of the North and East. For these and other reasons, we urged our people to reject the call for a fresh mandate for a second term for President Rajapaksa. The Tamil Speaking Peoples spoke clearly and unambiguously at that election. By voting overwhelmingly against President Rajapaksa’s call for a fresh mandate they made known their displeasure at the Rajapaksa regime’s first term in office. More importantly, once more in unison, they have articulated their aspiration for genuine autonomy. This is the democratic verdict in every district in the North and East and reflects the overwhelming Tamil Speaking view.