Successive governments in Sri Lanka have continued to ignore the legitimate and inalienable right of the Tamil Speaking Peoples to charter their own destiny in the areas historically inhabited by them within a united country. Their sovereign expression at every Election since 1956 has been either ignored or unjustifiably discarded. Peaceful agitations for over 30 years after independence have been met with brute force leading the way to an inevitable armed struggle. The 30 years that followed witnessed some of the most horrible violations of our People’s fundamental human rights in the name of crushing an armed rebellion. Innocent civilians were bombed from the air; populated areas were consistently shelled; people were driven away from their homes; large numbers were killed and maimed; valuable assets destroyed and several youth were incarcerated and tortured..

The efforts of a commission of inquiry set up at the insistence of the international community to inquire into grave violations of human rights was emasculated and came to naught. The Sri Lankan government has brazenly violated the Indo-Lanka Accord and alleges that the North and East have been de-merged. The Sri Lankan government is not entitled to rescind from this Treaty obligation under the Vienna Convention. Several experiences have compelled the Tamil People to conclude that they cannot accept even the judicial arm of government as impartial arbiters. The policies of the executive are aimed at depopulating this island of the Tamil People and large numbers of Tamil People continue to regularly flee the country. The system of government that is in place is designed  to enable the central legislature to entrench majoritarian hegemony. This clearly is a genocidal programme, but no one has been able to halt it. The Sri Lankan government has ignored the concerns raised by India and the international community over the years, and has now openly declared that it will not be guided by the views of the international community of civilized nations. If this trend continues, the planned genocide will succeed.

The TNA will implement an action programme soon after this General Election, first to make the government respect the democratic verdict of our People and to enter into a dialogue with us on restructuring the system of governance of this country that will recognize the sovereign rights of the Tamil People. If the government continues to ignore the democratic verdict of our People as in the past, we will directly take these concerns to India and the International Community urging them to take due cognizance of the genocidal programme against the Tamil People and to take appropriate effective action. If the Sri Lankan State continues its present style of governance without due regard to the rights of the Tamil Speaking Peoples, the TNA will launch a peaceful, non-violent, Satyagraha campaign of civil disobedience on the Gandhian model to win back the legitimate rights of the Tamil Speaking Peoples.